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Segway’s, the truth…

hello once again internet and welcome to tech time with Scarlett! today we are going to be talking about the new transportation device that seems to be blowing everyone’s mind, the handless Segway’s. I however disagree with their awesomness, now before everyone explodes into a fit of rage let me talk you through some of the many problems that these Segway’s can cause.

  1. they require an enormous amount of agility and some epic balancing action, this means that if you are either un coordinated and or very lazy (me in two words!) that these cool little toys suddenly turn into crazy challenges  that you would dread using for the rest of your life, mostly because you don’t want to get out of the lovely sofa crease you have made for yourself at home. this does mean that if unlike me you actually enjoy testing yourself  then this toy would be perfect for you and so this list is never going to make any sense to you because you are perfect, but for everyone else, lets go!
  2. they also aren’t very useful, sure they’re fun to ride round the park on but other than that they are basically very slow skateboards, this can also make travelling a hassle as a few days ago I actually saw a kid riding a Segway to school… WHAT!! first of all totally unnecessary and second and a question we should all be asking at this point,  why kid why. if you are willing to waste that much time getting to school in the morning by riding a very slow paced skateboard that I could walk past in a heartbeat then you must have a lot of people to impress, seriously. I think I know the problem us kids are facing nowadays, when something looks shiny we have to have it, no matter what it does or how it will help anyone in anyway, if it glitters it has to be ours. this concept can also be applied to a range of subjects but we’ll stick with the Segway’s for now.
  3. they are also very overpriced. I am not into marketing and business and all of that but seriously, according to a website I found whilst I was researching Segway’s, the cost of one is £1,185, £1,185!!! come on, when you pay £1,185 for something you are expecting lasers and cool tech, not just a stupid slow skateboard, what is society coming to ? please take these things off your Christmas lists, otherwise Santa will have his work cut out down at the workshop.
  4.   finally and perhaps the most important reason of all, the idea behind it . it seems to me that there were a group of scientists sitting in a conference room, they had absolutely nothing to do, they couldn’t think of a anything whatsoever. they then see a man on a normal Segway and decide that if they want to keep their jobs they should just take the idea of a cool invention and mix it with something everyone enjoys doing, they then see a kid with his mates on a skateboard, and thus the handless Segway was born . seriously though there is literally nothing original about it apart from maybe the colour scheme , it is now 2015 , technology has reached a place where we can have robots that can have feelings, but now we have decided to jump back into 2001 and reintroduce old inventions .thanks guys, really helping our society.
well that’s it for today folks, don’t worry though I’ll be back soon. hope you dudes have an awesome time  and I will see ya guys during the week


hi everyone and welcome to a geek haven, from which we can discuss all the geeky technology new and slightly older. I will be your host during your time on this site, as you will have noticed, a very handsome elf is guarding the title page, I feel that if you are a geek and reading this  I probably don’t need to explain to you who this elf actually is (if you don’t know his name it’s on the picture, if you don’t care good for you!) the reason I chose to put this picture on the front page is because this man is the reason for my astounding levels of geekiness. he is the main reason why I watched lord of the rings over and over, well him and the fact that it was an amazing movie with great actors and a stunning plot but mainly that man. any who welcome to the website, hopefully I haven’t scared you away with my geekitude (geek + attitude, I am so very sorry) hope you enjoy your time on this site, see you all in the next post.