kickthePJ – my youtube senpai

Hello internet! my name is Scarlett and today we are going to do something I would consider different to the television industry, we are going to be talking about the internet!!
so I am a massive fan of YouTube, I even went to the lengths of creating my own (pretty crap) YouTube channel as a homage to them. However, one of my favourite by a long way has got to be kickthePJ.
I love his style of content because he has such a way with words and designs that make his videos unlike any other’s. He uses many different medias to reflect his creative side, some of which are:

  • photography
  • his videos (of course)
  • animation
  • and poetry (more specifically song writing)

He has made several videos reflecting this brilliant imagination, even a series called Oscar’s hotel. His knack for creating amazing worlds and characters in his videos is inspiring. In short, I have a suspicion that he has stolen all of the worlds creativity and is using it for his own personal gain, either that or he’s just ridiculously talented and I’m very jealous.

There are so many reasons why I would consider kickthePJ to be my favourite, too many for me to explain in a simple blog entry. One of the more obscure reasons being that he bears an unlikely resemblance to Hugh Grant, I now can’t watch a Hugh Grant movie without thinking of tiny planets (i’m not going to explain this one)
Finally, one of the main reasons I love PJ is his music. He can play so many instruments so well (only adding to my conspiracy) and has written songs and performed covers that are simply wonderful. He has a strange way of making me really calm, as a socially awkward person who can’t go on the tube without having a stress-induced panic attack, or who can’t take a sick day without feeling pressured to do work, his videos are sometimes just what I need after a long day. He can really help after a tough exam, a very annoying board meeting or a date going terribly.
In short, this was a very clever way of letting my inner fan girl out in an homage to a vastly under-stated talent on the internet. I shall leave a link to his channel and my own while I’m at it (though why anyone would want to see mine is questionable)
Have a lovely October my friends
a tiny planet explorer
Bubye xx (kickthePJ) (moi)

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