why sit coms are NOT realistic

Hello internet and welcome to the special edition long time no see (seriously sorry, I was busy and stuff) TV edition of tech time with Scarlett. Today we are going to be talking about sitcoms and why they  ruin peoples expectations of life. I personally am a big fan of many sitcoms, my favourites include: how I met your mother #barneystinson4life, friends #chandler4life, modern family #luke4life  and new girl #nick4life. There is one thing all these sitcoms have in common, they really exaggerate peoples views on love. Here are the top 5 ways in which sitcoms express love

  1. saying to a partner “I love you.” This apparently is some special unmentionable word that can only be said really climactically in the 5th series of any sitcoms. Apart from in ted Mosby’s case when he blabs it out in the first episode (all the references were made that day). I don’t really see how this is such a big word as people in England can walk up to anyone they care about and say I love you” without them saying “falafel” by accident (I have a problem) I never really get them, I mean I say to my friends on quite a regular basis that I love them so why do American Sitcoms make such a big deal out of it.
  2. moving in together. Much like the apparent problems with saying I love you this affect the sitcom world in a very big way. I don’t know about you but if I had a boyfriend who I hadn’t bribed into seeing me, I would want the whole dam world to know, so to prove the fact I had a boyfriend and not just an imaginary person living in my mind, I would ask him to move in pretty quick. Yet as soon as an American TV show comes out with a romantically involved couple, it takes them around 12 months before anything happens. Kinda weird considering you may want to marry this person in the future yet you cant even share a bed yet.
  3.   this is quite a big one, how men see women. For normal men, they look for a woman that is the right size so that he can have kids with them and start a family. They don’t just look for girls to screw around with,For men in sitcoms boobs are the only thing they see, depriving them a chance to get to know the person inside, which I find to be quite rude and offensive but its funny so who cares? that seems to be the case for quite a lot of TV shows, the worst part is, they pull out all the stops to try and impress people, where as in real life a man would find a girl, take her out for dinner and tell the truth about himself, if the girl liked it then a relationship would be formed.
  4. the final part to this blog is ending a relationship. This is also done in very eccentric ways for some shows, for some it is a massive fight, for others it is a moment of pure desperation and immediate depression, and most often it is something that people don’t want to do. I can understand not wanting to hurt peoples feelings and in some cases fights can be started after proposing a break up with someone, but I mean it’s hardly like they are going to throw a screaming fit after you tell someone that they need to take a break, also for some people seeing an ex again becomes a major problem, where as in the real world you become friends or if they are not in your group then you forget it happened and move onto other things hoping he or she does the same, none of the “i have to leave the room because my ex is here and I really cant see her because it is TOO MUCH … TOO MUCH!” because that would be considered stupid by almost the entirety of the people ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET! (it would be so much funnier if I actually said it with a big blond wig on and a weird posh accent)

well there we have it folks, once again thanks so much for reading and I hope you take some of my TV recommendations into account, I am excited to announce that to keep you all entertained a new co host of the website will be coming soon, so we can split who takes blogs to improve my punctuality as this blog was actually supposed to go up 3 days ago. Hope you all enjoyed and I will see you in the next one

Bubye xx

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  1. sorry I just realised that I meant to write 5 things yet I procrastinated and only managed to write 4, that just goes to show kids, always proof read!

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