appliances we couldn’t live without

hello once again internet and welcome to… tech time with Scarlett! in this weeks post we will be listing all appliances you really can’t live without. without further or do, lets start the show!

  1. the fridge. yes of course you need a fridge, unless you are IMMENSLEY rich or very lazy, you all should have a fridge in your houses, you often see fridges with built in water fountains that I find to be AWESOME! as you can do multiple tasks around the fridge whilst waiting for a glass of iced water. the one thing I will never truly understand the purpose of is a mini fridge. I mean there are so many reasons why mini fridges are weird, with the most peculiar being its size, if you cant reach it from a standing height it should not be in your kitchen! even in hotels they are kind of stupid, who wants a little fridge full of nice cool drinks in your hotel room but you have to pay to drink them. useless, useless I say.
  2. the oven. this links to the fridge as if you don’t have an oven you will be living off raw chicken and cold kidney beans, that is of course unless you are IMMENSLY rich or indeed very lazy, as we discussed earlier. Ovens always seem very complicated to me, why are there little balls on  squares on top of the nobs, why not just say ” this nob connects to the right hand one” I mean I love little balls but (no euphemism intended) signs or written instructions would indeed make everyone’s lives a lot easier. I think if I used an oven, I would burn my house down as a result of turning the wrong nob. however they can prove to be useful when in a situation by which you actually need to cook a salmon terrine for a party of 7.
  3. time for a bit of gadgets because your here with Scarlett the tech dissing overlord. the phone. We have now become obsessed with phones and this time I am not going to blame anyone as that would make me a massive hypocrite. There are some things on a phone though that strike me as odd. for example what is the point of on an apple phone, to have a little bar at the bottom just to hold more things. We already have page upon page of space we can use to place crossy road or colour switch, so why cut off and add in a separate bar for NOTHING! another thing is this, why are phones getting so big? Why? we don’t need them to, whilst they are enabling us to see better we don’t need them that big. We are going to end up at some point with a phone the size of our house, maybe we should tone it down just a little…

and there we have it folks another installation of tech time with Scarlett the tech dissing overlord (I may have to start calling myself that now) thank you all very much for reading and I want to propose a proposition, yes I am very aware they are pretty much the same word I just thought it would add to the effect plus I ran out of words. From now on, every time I upload I am going to end with a question of the blog or QOTB for short, put your answers down in the comments below. My question for you is this, are there any appliances I haven’t mentioned that you cannot live without? Also one quick thing, me and a group of friends started a YouTube channel and I would be very happy if anyone could subscribe to it, I have a put a link here for you to our latest video and if you liked it then click like and subscribe, this isn’t me trying to brag, this is me trying to promote Anyway see you all very soon!

Bubye xx

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