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hello once again internet and welcome to another instalment of tech time with Scarlett. today we are going to be talking about video games, but not just any kind of video games, portal based video games. for those that need clarification on what a portal game is it is a game that requires a piece of plastic with a sensor that costs considerably more than the game, this enables you to spend even more money of individual characters in the game to place on the sensor which will then bring them to life, examples of portal games are Disney infinity, Sky landers and all of their sequels and the newest addition, Lego dimensions. with that said and done lets get this show on the road, quick hop onto the magic plastic portal with me…

  1. lets start with the basics of portal games, the plot line, which most of these games are pretty lacking in. for example with Disney infinity, they are basically using the premise of Minecraft, but adding the expensive playset pieces of some of your favourite Disney classics, such as; the sequel to monsters inc from 2014, the lone ranger (because we have all seen that one) and, that classic kids movie that really gets nap time sorted, cars. with sky landers, they actually made independent missions, however they are very tedious to complete and involve you losing ALOT of health.
  2. you all knew it was coming, but I did want to speak about PRICES. the one thing all of these portal games have in common is the amount of money spent in order to purchase such items, this may be due to the fact that they come in so many SEPARATE parts. you have the portal itself, the most expensive, then you have the characters, which you stock up on to, in some magical way, save money, then you have the game itself, which is actually the least expensive. this means that you are basically spending A LOT of money on the whole package, but hey if you have saved up, fine by me, I’m not stopping you from spending over £70.00 on the starter pack for some of these games…
  3. finally I wanted to talk about the actual set up of these games. these games require a lot of rejigging whilst playing, the game I particularly wanted to draw attention to is lego dimensions.this game actually requires you to do some DIY by building your own portal, which you then use to play the actual game, WHAT!!! with the other games it involves you having to constantly get up and down and up and down and… you get the point, just to change the flipping characters! if you want to sit down and game with you bros or with your BOSSES! (both are references, just in case you were unsure) you might find it a little strenuous to keep getting up and down and… sorry, I’ll stop now. the point is that these games can be quite annoying when one of them dies and you have to get up and walk to the television to change the character, then spend hours choosing a new character from the 5 you actually own, before returning to your sofa and playing again for about ten minutes before your character dies again, then you must repeat the process over and over, in a VICIOUS CYCLE that never ends.
and there we have it folks another instalment of tech time with Scarlett. I hoped you all enjoyed. really quick I want to give another shout out to my good friend Geoff, he has been really cool supporting the website and has been reading since the first entry. thank you very much for all the cool stuff you did for me and my website, I hope you enjoy this post and all the entries in the future. other than that thank you all very much for reading and I will see you soon.
Bubye xx

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  1. Personally I like games. And I like Lego toys. So I think double the fun.

    Maybe you have given your games to a charity shop if they are so bad but if not you can give them to me?

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