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hello internet, welcome to another instalment of … story time with Scarlett, in this post I will be narrating a story for you, written by me. I hope you enjoy it. it is called I am a detective… this is my story (I was trying to be adventurous with the title). let me know if you enjoyed it in the comment section, anyway lets get moving !!!

“I am what you would call a detective. I solve crimes, smoke a pipe and don’t get paid enough. I am a mastermind, perhaps not Sherlock Holmes though as my pipe has been missing for over a month now, i guess this is my “memoir “if that’s what you want to call it. I can hear my colleagues (Sarah’s) voice rattling in my head “write a book” she said ” it will be a nice hobby for you” she said, well do you know what Sarah this was a terrible plan ! i did tell you multiple times, in fact i even rehearsed a list of over 14 different reasons for why this plan would not work and yet… i am still here and so are you by the looks of things. so this is my life, handed out to you on a silver platter, would you like an aperitif with that ? i am not going to bore you with the details of what i had for breakfast this morning or what a particular friend said to me on one particular evening as that information is irrelevant to you as a… reader? though why you haven’t put this book down yet is a question only Sherlock Holmes can answer. no in this “memoir” of mine i aim to provide you with the cold hard truth, 1947 was a dangerous time, especially in new York, and i was one of the miserable chumps who had to live with it. anyway enough chit chat, lets get on with this stupid book shall we? or we could just leave and… no? fine then, lets continue…

and there we have it folks another installation of (insert random activity here) with Scarlett, i am very sorry i have not been able to post these past few weeks, there have been terrible problems with my computer and the site but fear not dear viewer, they are all ok for now. i will see you all at the weekend for more tech dissing

Bubye xx

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