hi everyone and welcome to scarlyweb.com a geek haven, from which we can discuss all the geeky technology new and slightly older. I will be your host during your time on this site, as you will have noticed, a very handsome elf is guarding the title page, I feel that if you are a geek and reading this  I probably don’t need to explain to you who this elf actually is (if you don’t know his name it’s on the picture, if you don’t care good for you!) the reason I chose to put this picture on the front page is because this man is the reason for my astounding levels of geekiness. he is the main reason why I watched lord of the rings over and over, well him and the fact that it was an amazing movie with great actors and a stunning plot but mainly that man. any who welcome to the website, hopefully I haven’t scared you away with my geekitude (geek + attitude, I am so very sorry) hope you enjoy your time on this site, see you all in the next post.

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