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hello once again internet and welcome to tech time with Scarlett, yeah this is a thing now. so today I am going to be talking about apple watches. whilst these amazing pieces of tech are brilliant and are sold worldwide, at ridiculous prices  (more on that later), they have  a few floors that I feel are worth mentioning, with that all said and done, on with the blog.

  1. they re only useful for specific tasks. what I mean by that is because it is such a small gadget, it means that the things you can do with it are either very limited , or if you do try to do things such as replying to a message or an email will become very irritating and will result in you getting out your phone and checking it that way, so best bet is to just use your phone and save time. whilst they do enable them to zoom that doesn’t really help as much as they think it does and it still makes people have to look closely to  see what is going on.
  2. they are very expensive. even a normal apple watch costs from as little as  *checks google* £349, this is a bit annoying considering what it actually is, like I said before it would be lot better to just check your phone. to make matters worse this is just the cheapest version of the apple watch, the cheapest, that means that there are other watches which cost significantly more than £349, making it very irritating for Christmas shoppers who are looking to surprise their girl/boyfriends with a fancy gadget, I am incredibly sorry to all you people.
  3. finally and most significant of all, the calling feature. this device enables you to call your friends or relatives, but the process of this is kind of weird. I mean how are you supposed to talk, put your watch up to your ear? the main reason for phones was so they could answer calls or “phone” so maybe we don’t need them on a watch. primarily because we don’t want to look like weirdos trying to answer a call from your mate. now that practically everyone has a mobile phone in 2015 we should make them useful for something and not just little gadgets we buy for the sake of things like that self stirring mug you got your mum for her birthday last year.
okay so I have officially finished ranting. hope you all had fun reading this blog, I know I had a lot of fun writing it, have a nice week and I will see you all at the weekend for 2 days of tech time.
thanks for listening
Bubye xx

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