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hello once again internet and welcome to tech time with Scarlett. today we are going to be talking about apple TV. I actually have this software for my TV and whilst it is very cool and is yet another feat of technology, they have a few flaws which are definitely worth mentioning, let’s call it “constructive criticism.” ok lets get started!

  1. the remote. the size of that remote is absolutely RIDICULOUSLY small. this means that every time I want to sit down and watch an episode of buffy the vampire slayer, we spend about 5 minutes rummaging under the sofa cushions trying to look for it. to give you a better image of what I’m talking about, here is the apple remote in full scale. see what I mean? it is absolutely tiny and seems to be just the right size to slip inside your sofa cushions.
  2. apple-tv-remotethe fact that you have to press the button twice. I am referring to the feature on the actual TV where you have to press the enter button twice to make sure you want to view it, come on, imagine this : you come home after a long, hard day at either work or school, you have a long hard night of studying but are rewarded for your struggles with the promise of an excellent meal. dinner time rolls around and the good news piles up where you hear the announcement that you will be eating the fantastic food in front of the telly. your heart is racing as you collect your serving and relax into your armchair, remote in hand you click the start button to commence your paradise, you put the remote down and settle, after a few minutes you start to realise that there is no sound coming out of the TV, you start to panic, you don’t want to get up but you know that for the TV to work you have to, slowly you get up to get the remote back, and then you muck it up. before you know it the food is everywhere, your parents are in tears and your furniture smells of garlic, all because of that one button. LIFE obliterated!! okay maybe not that bad but I will say that that extra button time will cause someone to chuck food everywhere at one point, whether its because of rage or because they are just losers. this button is dangerous to mankind!
  3. last but not least, the non DVD element. you know what I mean. sure its great to have a tiny black box to get all the latest entertainment directly from iTunes, however what if you want to watch say (god forbid) a movie that’s pretty darn old, it may also be a recent movie that’s not very well known, you search through all of the streaming devices, including iTunes when you realise its not there, meaning that the only way you can play it is by… getting out the DVD unfortunately that means that you have to switch off the apple TV, switch over to another source and watch the DVD version whilst thinking about how much better the quality would be on your apple TV source. whilst I am not aware of that many movies that have such problems I am aware of lots of grandparents who come to babysit, bringing with them a DVD, its a vicious cycle.
well there you go that’s the top 3 flaws I found out about the apple TV, if you would actually like to know about the positive affects the apple TV has then click on this link to be taken to the apple website thanks for reading and I will see you all tomorrow
Bubye xx

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  1. hi Laura, I will definitely do that with your drawing as it was FABULOUS xx if I can work out how to save It onto my computer

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